Sunday, December 2, 2012

Flatform Shoes

This has been hyped up this whole year! Am I Pro or Con?
I think I've always been a Pro. Especially because I am short and these definitely give you some height AND they are comfortable!
When these started to pop up everywhere, the first thing I remembered were my Volatile Shoes I had since middle school. Yup! I still have them. The one I had looked similar to this one but it got lost after I moved to Georgia (or I think my grandma threw them out =[ ) however I have another one but the heel is open, kinda like a slipper.

 They are a little pricey but I bought them on sale at Mandee's (which they don't have in GA). I think they were like $29.99 instead of $58.00.If you are interested, they still sell them.

I decided to write about this topic because I saw it on Teen Vogue where they showcase some of the styles (Just click the flatform picture next to the title or Teen Vogue).

So I didn't know if I should title it Flatform or Platform. I believe that Flatform is more like the 1st picture and Platform is similar to the Volatile shoes which is sorta like a heel that has an incline plane. Sorta like another word for Wedges too. Flatform = flat & Platform = incline
Platforms can also have a space in the middle but flatforms don't.
And since flatform is a bit of a newer term and a newer style than platform, I decided to go with flatform.

Yes, I kinda want one. I am not sure what style exactly (studded, cheetah print, etc. THERE'S SO ANY!) but when I come across one that I really like and buy it. I will definitely show you. I heard that H&M has pretty good ones so I am on a hunt =]

All in all, I like them both but probably would have platforms more than flatforms.
Still..let me know if you have any recommendations for me.

Christina Shin

My 1st Influenster's VoxBox (College 2012 VoxBox)

1. ImPress Press-On Manicure ($5.99 for Colors, $7.99 for Patterns)
      It is quit short and small so it is for those who have smaller nails. The width is great but the length is too short even for me. Maybe I will put them on if my nail broke really short and they look messed up. The case is really cute though. >.< Would I purchase it? No, because it doesn't fit my nails. I don't want to cut my nails really short. I don't know why but my nails cannot be cut short or it'll bother me or sometimes bleed. I also like doing my own nails or getting them professional done. Do I recommend it? Honestly, no. I think the stickers are a better choice. They are one size but large enough to pretty much fit all nail types than these stick on nails.

2. NYC New York Color Show Time Glitter Eyeliner Pencil ($2.49)
      My favorite product out of these 5. I have showed this product in one of my Haul Videos I believe and compared it to the Victoria's Secret Secret Sparkle Liners (sold on ebay) . It works the same way but the sparkles come out a little less. None-the-less, I still love it! It is the right product to give your makeup a little spark! =] So far I have seen it in black, brown, and purple so go try it out! The price is unbeatable! Would I purchase it? YES! I want to try the purple one =] Do I recommend it? Yes. Especially if you want to try a cheap product or you want some sparkle for a night out makeup

3. Necco Tropical Wafers ($1.25 each, $24.00 per Box, $37.50 per Tub)
      This product reminds me of smarties! Not one of my favorite type of candy but for those who do enjoy smarties, this is bigger and fruitier! Flavors Include: Coconut, Passion Fruit, Strawberry, Lime, Banana, and Mango. Would I purchase it? Probably not but only because I already of my favorite candy. Do I recommend it? Yes to those who like this type of candy or like fruity flavored candy.

4. Pentel EnerGel-X Campaign ($1.90)
     It writes smoothly and is comparable to the Pilot ink pens. Would I purchase it? Yes if I didn't have a lot of pens already lol. I get lots of free pens from events, college, organizations, and etc. Do I recommend it? Yup. There's honestly nothing special but if you like trying new pens, go ahead~

5. Energy Sheets ($5.95 [10 sheets]) 
     Tastes just like the Listerine sheets but thicker and the mintyness or freshness is stronger. Would I purchase it? No, the price is too much and I would rather buy energy drinks or some Starbucks.  Do I recommend it? depends. If these kind of energy products work for you and you want to try a new product, I do recommend it but if they don't work for you or you already have a product that works for you I wouldn't waste my money.

So that's all my opinions for the products I received and I hope they help =]

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

1st Giveaway

It is now closed but I am thankful for those who applied for my 1st Giveaway =]

Watch out for more giveaways coming soon!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Today I remember... September 11

Today I remember the dust in my backyard back in Fort Lee, New Jersey, right across from New York City where the World Trade Center and few other buildings crumbled down, destroying lives of loved ones both young and old. Today I remember the secrecy our school's teachers kept from me and fellow classmates whose family may have been a victim of this tragic event only to get released from school e
arly than usual and find out once at home the frightening reason of an early dismissal. Today I remember the call I made that very night in concern of my friend whose father worked close by the terrorized buildings. Today I remember my 6th grade teacher on standby in order to volunteer and cross the George Washington Bridge to the people who became ghosts due to the dust, coughing and escaping the state of New York. Today I remember the sadness and concern in both firemen and policemen's eyes. Today I remember the brave soldiers who volunteered with no hesitation to go overseas and show what we are made of. Today I remember the prideful and supporting Americans who stood strong and showed the world we are one. Today I remember... September 11

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

ROYALTY FASHION is Now Open for Business!!

My online store is now OPEN!!!!

It basically has some old and some new clothes, accessories, jewelry, office supplies, and etc. that I have.

I am still in the learning process of having an online store (and having a blog ;p) so leave comments to help it grow!

Christina S.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Pimp my Pimples

I have been getting small pimples a lot these days >.<

I don't know if I stopped using bcp [birth control pills for those youngins that don't know] for a while now that I've been breaking out. I honestly didn't test if bcp help prevent acne and whatnot. I shall test it!

But really sucks! My fave isn't perfect all the time but it's been the worst these past 2 weeks.

I would put a pic up but it's just gross and I'm a bit self conscious? [is that the phrase? whatevz ya know what I mean]

So yea..i have been getting them on my forehead, outsides of my eyebrows, and my lip area (which has never happened before)

Yes, I am VERY frustrated

Maybe that's why I haven't put them many up these past 2 weeks?? [or just laziness and tiredness -________-]

well...I've been using the tea tree oil [very strong stinkyness!] I bought from Ulta and also Clean& Clear persa-gel 10 maximum strength and the regular cleaning routine so....hopefully it will be solved

if it doesn't I might just start taking bcp again

I actually started using bcp because my irregular periods. I would skip months or get it and get really heavy periods AND it will last like 10 days to 2 weeks or so

so yea...I didn't use it for sex [i PG-ed it! haha]

but it's life..i shall keep you updated

I'm still learning about blogs and stuff so just be patient with me


Saturday, July 14, 2012



Just starting out so I have no idea what to put in here yet.

Hopefully just random things here and there ;]