Sunday, December 2, 2012

Flatform Shoes

This has been hyped up this whole year! Am I Pro or Con?
I think I've always been a Pro. Especially because I am short and these definitely give you some height AND they are comfortable!
When these started to pop up everywhere, the first thing I remembered were my Volatile Shoes I had since middle school. Yup! I still have them. The one I had looked similar to this one but it got lost after I moved to Georgia (or I think my grandma threw them out =[ ) however I have another one but the heel is open, kinda like a slipper.

 They are a little pricey but I bought them on sale at Mandee's (which they don't have in GA). I think they were like $29.99 instead of $58.00.If you are interested, they still sell them.

I decided to write about this topic because I saw it on Teen Vogue where they showcase some of the styles (Just click the flatform picture next to the title or Teen Vogue).

So I didn't know if I should title it Flatform or Platform. I believe that Flatform is more like the 1st picture and Platform is similar to the Volatile shoes which is sorta like a heel that has an incline plane. Sorta like another word for Wedges too. Flatform = flat & Platform = incline
Platforms can also have a space in the middle but flatforms don't.
And since flatform is a bit of a newer term and a newer style than platform, I decided to go with flatform.

Yes, I kinda want one. I am not sure what style exactly (studded, cheetah print, etc. THERE'S SO ANY!) but when I come across one that I really like and buy it. I will definitely show you. I heard that H&M has pretty good ones so I am on a hunt =]

All in all, I like them both but probably would have platforms more than flatforms.
Still..let me know if you have any recommendations for me.

Christina Shin

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