Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Today I remember... September 11

Today I remember the dust in my backyard back in Fort Lee, New Jersey, right across from New York City where the World Trade Center and few other buildings crumbled down, destroying lives of loved ones both young and old. Today I remember the secrecy our school's teachers kept from me and fellow classmates whose family may have been a victim of this tragic event only to get released from school e
arly than usual and find out once at home the frightening reason of an early dismissal. Today I remember the call I made that very night in concern of my friend whose father worked close by the terrorized buildings. Today I remember my 6th grade teacher on standby in order to volunteer and cross the George Washington Bridge to the people who became ghosts due to the dust, coughing and escaping the state of New York. Today I remember the sadness and concern in both firemen and policemen's eyes. Today I remember the brave soldiers who volunteered with no hesitation to go overseas and show what we are made of. Today I remember the prideful and supporting Americans who stood strong and showed the world we are one. Today I remember... September 11

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