Friday, July 27, 2012

Pimp my Pimples

I have been getting small pimples a lot these days >.<

I don't know if I stopped using bcp [birth control pills for those youngins that don't know] for a while now that I've been breaking out. I honestly didn't test if bcp help prevent acne and whatnot. I shall test it!

But really sucks! My fave isn't perfect all the time but it's been the worst these past 2 weeks.

I would put a pic up but it's just gross and I'm a bit self conscious? [is that the phrase? whatevz ya know what I mean]

So yea..i have been getting them on my forehead, outsides of my eyebrows, and my lip area (which has never happened before)

Yes, I am VERY frustrated

Maybe that's why I haven't put them many up these past 2 weeks?? [or just laziness and tiredness -________-]

well...I've been using the tea tree oil [very strong stinkyness!] I bought from Ulta and also Clean& Clear persa-gel 10 maximum strength and the regular cleaning routine so....hopefully it will be solved

if it doesn't I might just start taking bcp again

I actually started using bcp because my irregular periods. I would skip months or get it and get really heavy periods AND it will last like 10 days to 2 weeks or so

so yea...I didn't use it for sex [i PG-ed it! haha]

but it's life..i shall keep you updated

I'm still learning about blogs and stuff so just be patient with me


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