Monday, March 21, 2016

[UPDATED Product Review] Jamberry Nail Wraps

WhAt hApPenD? 

The pictures I am about to show you are actually right before I redo my nails. The worst hand was my left which I already peeled off so the picture is of the right hand where the nail wrap is still on.
On the second day the tips started to peel already (Picture 1) and by 4th day the inner part start to peel and kept catching my hair (Picture 2). I tried to apply the top coat as well as underneath the wrap where it was peeling but no luck. The reason why the right hand lasted longer was because I filed away the parts that were peeling.

Having the wrap on top of polished nails was okay.
There's no point in applying top coat right after wrap application.

It is fast application that you can do quickly before an event.
You can even bring it while you travel because hotels have hair dryers you can use.
If you applied right it can last a week. I can't say it can last 2 weeks like they say.
Would I purchase? Honestly no, because there are cheaper alternatives but if you are nail addicts it is worth trying. 😝

Picture 1

Picture 2

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