Friday, August 9, 2013

Product Review: Dasani Drops [Influenster]

Product Review: Dasani Drops [Influenster]

What: Dasani Drops [Influenster]
Flavor: Pink Lemonade & Cherry Pomegranate
Price: ~$4 
Where: Supermarket (Shop Rite / Kroger / Publix / WalMart / Super Target)
Nutrition Facts: 

  • Healthier than soda
  • 0 Calories 
  • Grab and Go 
  • No spoons 
  • No mess

  • Pricey

My Opinion: 
Anything with cherry usually taste like kids' medicine to me so I am not a huge fan of the Cherry Pomegranate flavor but I think most people will like it and it is not too strong of the 'medicine feel'. As for Pink Lemonade...I <3 it. Just the right amount of flavor. I really want to try the strawberry kiwi one and I will probably use the coupon that came with the sample since it is a little pricey in my opinion and share one coupon with a friend. 
Anywayz....I think it'll be awesome to bring it around in your bag and use it at restaurants. I am sensitive in what water I drink because...long story..but sometimes water tastes funny and this REALLY helps! and it is cheaper and healthier than carbonated drinks!
I don't know if this review helps THAT much because I haven't tried other brands but all I can say is that I like the sample I received :D
Thanks Influenster for another great experience with a product!

Overall Score: 

BTW! Try this to cool your heat! ;p

Christina Shin

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