Monday, August 12, 2013

Birchbox August 2013

What: Birchbox August 2013 [Finishing School]
Where: Birchbox

Item Details:

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My Opinion: 
I think they should have picked a more general? theme because the topic 'finishing school' is more appropriate for college students and older, so high school students who are subscribed might not have the use for it as much. With that said, Anne Taylor is also more appealing for the older ages. I would probably suggest a sunscreen or a BB or CC cream instead of the foot wipes and/or the fashion tape. Or, going with their theme, maybe a translucent powder to 'finish' off your look. More items I might have suggested are: any item that may have sunscreen, shoes inserts or insoles. But I like the fact that because of Birchbox I get to try new brands and new items.

Overall Score: 


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